Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design has had many graduates go on to successful careers and beyond. Here are a few of their stories.

Since starting my education at Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design, I have not only acquired the skills and techniques to be a great Hair Dresser, but I have had fun in the process!

The one-on-one teaching that Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design offers is a priceless and unique experience I feel that I would not have gotten anywhere else!  The one way I can describe Shear Fire is "out of the box," looking at cosmetology and life from a different perspective! The positive reinforcement and uplifting attitude here makes for a learning experience like none other!  I have been also been treated with patience and kindness in all areas, from the classroom to practical learning as well.

Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design has given me the motivation, skill set, and confidence to be a great hair dresser.

Jill M. Bruley
Graduate of Shear Fire
Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design is number one in my book. I love the friendly atmosphere and the group support that makes learning so much fun. We all work at our own speed, which is really great. The teachers are supportive, well educated, and always ready to give advice and encouragement. The salon itself is bright and cheerful, just like its owner. :) I personally also love that we offer a variety of services performed by students for VERY reasonable rates. For anyone aspiring to become a professional, Shear Fire Academy can help you get there, one perm rod at a time.

Hershey Haney
Student of Shear Fire
I am a 31-year-old mother of five boys with a husband who works on the slope - two weeks on, two weeks off. I tell you what...if I can become a hairdresser, so can you!

The owner/instructor Jana Powell took not only me in, but she welcomed my family...and I can say we have made a lifelong friend. She allowed me to bring my kids in if I needed to, she has held them while I was giving haircuts, and she made it to where if I had a situation or problem, we would figure something out together.

See, I open my testimonial with Jana's heart first because if you want to choose a school, don't you want to be something other than just a number? I would choose my school again, just off of who Jana is as a person. She not only cares about her students, but even after you have graduated, you can always go "home" again, and she will be there with open arms.

After I graduated, I went to work in the real world of hairdressing, outside the safety of school. It was then while watching other hairdressers around me that I realized Jana had taught me faster, more productive ways to do great hair, have my client walk-out happy to know what to recommend to clients as far as retail goes, but also to make that money! I was given the ability to be free and to love hair color, to want to design and see the patterns in my head. I tell you what, after being a stay-at-home mom for eight years, I was able to find a new confidence in myself, to revive my creative spirit. This is what you want in a school and in an instructor.

I will forever be grateful to Jana. She gave me the skills I needed to go out and make it in the hairdressing world. She also taught me to see things and to see people with open eyes, to be welcoming to anyone willing to learn.

Thank you Jana, Joyce, Joey, and Shear Fire Design!!

Helen Sheldon
Graduate of Shear Fire
Staff and Jana are very good teachers. They bond with you on a different level. Jana runs a great school. She and staff will not let you fail in school or life.

Patrick H.
Graduate of Shear Fire
I went to hair school at Shear Fire Academy of Hair design. Not only did I learn far more than I thought I would about hair, Jana and her staff have been like family to me. No matter what the problem was, she was there for me. I am now a stylist looking forward. I thank them all!

Kristen M.
Graduate of Shear Fire
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Our customers love our salon not only because of the great styling, design, and products, but also because of the superior service. Here's what some of our satisfied clients had to say about us.
I have been going to Shear Fire Design since they opened their doors 6 years ago. Jana and her gang are like family!  Even my kids love getting their hair cut at Shear Fire.

Jara H.
Sales & Marketing Manager
Shear Fire has the greatest staff and does the best work in the Valley. I love how I can just walk right in no matter what; our family will never go anywhere but there.

Leslie P.
Mother of 6, Master of Many Talents
Shear Fire is the only place I get my haircut because they truly are a “walk-in’s welcome” hair salon. Other places say that but make you feel like you should have made a appointment.

Pete S.
Local restaurant owner
As a valley resident I have come to rely on Shear Fire Design, From great cuts to killer up-do’s I’ve never been disappointed. A visit to Shear Fire isn't just an in-and-out experience like other chains. At Shear Fire, your stylist becomes your friend. Even my husband refuses to go anywhere but Shear Fire Design.

Amber L.
Marketing Sales
I just get my hair buzzed off at Shear Fire; they treat me as if I was spending hundreds in the salon, not pennies. The shampooing is worth it all.

Dave L.
Civil Engineer
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