Faculty/School Officials

Jana R. Powell
School Director, Owner, Instructor
Licensed Instructor (#14296) and practitioner in the field of hairdressing with over 20 years experience teaching and practicing.
Joyce Trewyn
Hairdresser with over 30 years of experience; loves up-do's and piercing ears.
Megan Russell
Elumen specialist
Amber Dafoe
Clipper cut master
Joey Cox
Instructor & Master Stylist
Hairdresser with over 20 years of experience; Joey is fantastic with perms and haircuts.
Michael Stanelle
Student Instructor & Manicurist
His ability to talk to anyone will make you smile; his pedicures are pure heaven.
Allie Chandler
Wasilla Salon Manager
Hairdresser with over 30 years of experience; loves punk colors, up-do's and piercing ears.
Missy Gaulke
Make-up Artist
Amber Lindstrom
Office Manager
Amazing event planner; enjoys a good challenge.