Student Equipment Kit

The school ensures that the kit items are in good shape and in working order when issued. The Student Equipment Kit is $600.00. Once issued, all contents of the kit become the property of the student and are non-refundable. Any future defects, malfunctions or distortion of any kit item are not the responsibility of the school. Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design is not responsible for any lost or stolen kit items.

The Hairdressing Student Kit includes the following:

  • 1-Carryall Bag
  • 1-Professional Blow-dryer
  • 1-Curling Iron (either ½ inch or ¾ inch) or flat Iron
  • 1-Design Clipper Set
  • 1-Electric Trimmer
  • 1-Pair of shears (high quality)
  • 1-Pair of Thinning shears
  • 1-Milady Hardback Text
  • 1-Notebook
  • 1-Folder
  • 1-Squirt Water bottle