Code of Conduct

Dress Code

Shear Fire Academy is pretty laid back; dress is nice and dressy casual:

  • NO cut off jeans
  • NO shoes over 3 inches
  • NO tennis shoes
  • No hoodies
  • Clothes should be pressed or wrinkle free

If you dress for success, you will get it! Look like a hairdresser and the business will follow.



The attendance for Shear Fire Academy is mandatory of at least 35 hours per week. A time clock will be used to track all time attended by the students. Unexcused absence is where a student misses a class or day in the salon; i.e.: the use of drugs or alcohol 8 hours prior to class or work. These types of unexcused absences can only happen one time per student. Excused absences will be given to a student for death or illness in the family. An illness to the student must have a doctor’s note if more than 3 days of school is missed. Leaves of absences that are non-emergency will need to have a 2 week written notice. Conduct in the salon and school will be professional; there is a dress code in place at the salon and school. Students will treat Shear Fire Academy as a workplace more than a school.

The academic progress used at Shear Fire Academy will be daily and weekly test on theory and practical’s. An 85% is the minimum for a passing grade. Each student has 30 days to bring up their test scores. If after 30 days and the test scores are still less than the minimum, the student will receive career tutelage. With this tutelage the student will receive one-on-one assistance to help them bring their scores up above the minimum.


Student Safety

Report any and all on the job injuries immediately! Each student is to know how to work a fire extinguisher, which will be provided to you by the Palmer Fire Department at no cost to the student. Prevention is the key to all hazards, if you see a hazard let us know ASAP. Student safety is a priority to us here at Shear Fire Academy.