Grading & Academic Progress

Following the completion of each textbook chapter, exams are administered. Immediate feedback on procedures and exam results are given to the student. Students must maintain a minimum of an 85% average in all subjects to remain in academic good standing.

Unsatisfactory progress will be handled on an individual basis. A student not performing at the school's 85% GPA will be placed on academic probation for a period of 30 days. Any student placed on academic probation is notified in writing, with an acknowledgment of the notice retained in the student file.

While on academic probation, the student will be assigned extra remedial work and home assignments to attempt to raise their academic level. If the student is still not performing at 85% or above after probation, the student will be suspended for 14 days. Students choosing to return after the 14-day suspension must maintain an 85% GPA. Failure to maintain this grade average of 85% the student will receive career tutelage.


Grading System

Percentage Proficiency level:

90-100 Excellent Indicates high level of performance
85-89 Satisfactory level of achievement
Less than 84 Insufficient grasp of materials

A monthly form from the Board of Barbers and Hairdressers, including hours and practical requirements accrued, is provided to the student each month for review and signature. A school progress report is given to the student for review and to acknowledge receipt with their initials.

The progress report includes the following:

  • Contracted hours for the month
  • School days for each month of enrollment
  • Missed days in each month
  • Number of contracted hours for each month
  • Hours attended monthly
  • Hours left on the contract
  • Any tuition due to the school


Grievance Policy

Students should first advise their instructor of any grievance they may have. If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved, the student should then notify the school director.  If the student is not satisfied with the resolution of their grievance, a complaint may be filed with the Alaska Commission of Postsecondary Education. If you are having a problem, please let us know about it.


Transfer of Hours and Credits

No school, (including the Shear Fire Academy of Hair Design) can guarantee that the hours and/or credits you may receive at our facility will be transferable to another school or state.

The decision to accept transfer students and/or hours and/or credits is up to the discretion of the director of the receiving school, and will depend on comparability of curricula and accreditation. If you are considering a move, you should contact the school that you wish to transfer to and confirm their transfer policies are before you begin your training.